Autumn Paris


Born of yesteryear's memories, their weekend in the "Bonne maman" home a breath of fresh air on these dusty furniture to revive the linen of yesteryear.

Autumn pays tribute to these autumn Sundays, nestled under the comforter or curled up in his old velvet sofa. The home's essentials revisited with simplicity and delicacy in noble materials or a surprising lightness.


A range that crosses the seasons and the house's rooms, marrying with harmony. The faded colors and the softness of the textiles give the impression that they have already been appropriated.


Our textiles are woven in Portugal on demand, all labeled and from raw materials of high quality. We pay great attention to our manufacturing and finishes to make unique products. Concerned about ethics and the environment, our products are manufactured in the heart of the European Union, in BSCI certified family factories, allowing us to guarantee social responsibility within our production chains, from design to production. packaging of our products.

 Zero plastic

Autumn is a zero plastic commitment. For the sake of our future and theirs, we made the choice to remove any plastic packaging bag. Very often useless and replaced by reusable cloth pouches. Responsible actor is above all ours to propose a more sustainable future.

Designed in France / Made in Portugal 




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