Some things are just waiting to be discovered again, so we can once again delight in their beauty and magic, or simple practical nature. Today our everyday lives are shaped by a never ending stream of the new and all too often ephemeral. So we often find ourselves yearning for the 'good old things' of yesteryear, which have proved themselves for decades and are still useful and dear to our hearts.

This passion is shared by the founders of Bermbach Handcrafted, a young producer of children's hand woven rattan beds, who granted themselves their own personal wish.

For their own children, they themselves spent quite some time searching for a wickerwork cradle, something which had been used for many previous generations. They are light and airy, aesthetically round, yet sturdy. However their search proved fruitless. Through this unfulfilled wish of the Bermbach family, they came upon the idea of designing classical wicker furniture themselves. Within a very short time they founded a workshop and the very first beds appeared.

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