Baby & kid's slippers in supple and durable lambskin, here in a white leather with sublte gold dots. 

They are made from vegetable tanned leather formulated with fruits extracts and Tara leaf, without chromium or heavy metals.

ARTISTES AMOUREUX kid's slippers are designed as a second skin for children and are fully lined in non-dyed and anti-allergic vegetable tanned leather.

"Think, Act, Change, Respect Earth, Connect to Nature, Save our Planet, Choose to Refuse, Less Plastic, More Love, Fight Pollution, Green Revolution, Low Impact Mouvement, Find Solutions, Better World, Slow Fashion, A Quality Revolution, A New Kind of Activism, Change is in Everyone, The Time is Now, Be Optimistic, That is our Challenge.

"Artistes Amoureux thinking brand for little lovers and future Artists"



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