In an effort to build an ethical and aesthetic universe tailored to her three children, Allison Piraud, founder of the Élhée brand, has naturally been led to rethink the bottle beyond its sole function, to reinforce the emotional and sensory dimension of this brand. very first object of affection.

If, like many women, she has alternated breastfeeding and bottle feeding at the option of maternity leave, professional travel and sometimes random work schedules, the idea of ​​innovating in this area appeared to her as obvious from the first feedings of his elder. For this highly symbolic object of parenting, this mother took a close interest in the materials offered by the traditional industry.

Blighted by her experiences with broken glass containers and skeptical about the safety of new plastics, Allison has opted for a new generation of medical grade silicone, which in addition to ensuring the safety of young children has the advantage of being invaluable material for creation.

Flexible, soft and soft to the touch, the material evokes the designer a unique design, all curves, softness and poetry, in tribute to the natural curves of maternity. Surrounded by industrial partners and experts committed to the same demanding approach, Allison has tested dozens of prototypes to achieve an exceptional end result. From the absolute health of the material, to the innovative format of the object and its irreproachable finishes in terms of ergonomics and practicality, nothing has escaped the uncompromising eye of this young mother.

Made In France 


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