French Kiss Studio



French Kiss Studio is a French concept store and sustainable fashion label based in Copenhagen.

Our vision: Curating the best selection of brands and goods from all over the world. Labels that really matter, focused on design and that you don’t find on every corner.

Our own sustainable fashion label combines French heritage with organic and recycled materials as well as a strict zero-waste process (we have zero over-production and only produce what is ordered). Illustrated in-house, each design is handmade, gender neutral (unisex) and based on our founder’s generations (cheeky) stories, roots and her love for high-end and timeless basics, always with a touch of French elegance.


"For me it’s also about rethinking the way we shop and providing a guide for consumers in search of something different, especially in our current society where we are constantly faced with ads and the same offer." say Bénédicte, the French designer from Paris

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