Haps nordic


Haps Nordic is a Danish company founded in 2016, our basic philosophy is to protect and care for the world that surrounds us. Haps Nordic are aesthetic and sustainable products created in high quality that ensure they can withstand being used. We focus on recycling and protecting the environment from unnecessary packaging and food waste.

We have a pragmatic approach to sustainability - it must be easy to use sustainable alternatives. Melis Wilkenschildtder has created and designed Haps Nordic has managed to create a universe where aesthetics and sustainability go hand in hand. The idea of ​​Haps Nordic came about on a family trip in Asia during maternity leave with Mio - Meli's son.

Mio was 9 months old and had to eat small meals constantly, which is why it was often the easy solution with fruit mootie bags brought from Denmark. Melis says that she missed the opportunity to have a healthy and easy snack on the tour, instead of the prefabricated-fruit sugar bombs already on the market. , without spoon, pork and a lot of packaging waste and that started the thought of designing a delicious refillable food bag.

” The focal point of our product range is, a hope to help the consumer to reduce the overuse of disposable products such as disposable smoothie bags, freezer bags, silver paper, plastic bags, disposable napkins etc. Our mission is to reduce food and packaging waste. We believe that sustainability should be easy and convenient and neat.

All our textile products are organic cotton and are manufactured in a GOTS certified factory with orderly working conditions. High quality and durability are essential to us.

We are a fan of looking after our planet and calling for less oversupply. We hope you are as fond of the Haps Nordic concept and design as we are.


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