La langerie Paris


La Langerie is the advice of a mother to her daughter, the practice and more. It is a concentrate of love, tradition, and alchemy, for the discovery of a magical link between mother and baby. ... it is this observation as an evidence: "To calm the torments, the anxieties of the new born, to soothe the heart of the baby, it takes the living heat of the breast, he must feel connected, the contact of a body, to be held, cradled, caressed and massaged.

It is only then that the child knows that he has not been expelled, thrown out but is welcome, that he is still loved. "* ... it is the desire to share with other moms the tips and things that help to welcome baby in the softness and serenity. ... it is first of all a fabric: a fabric carrying a smell, a soft fabric, a soft fabric.

The fabric is the heart of La Langerie collection. Baby does not meet you the day of his birth. He already knows you. La Langerie's philosophy: to remind him at every moment of his feelings in utero; sweetness, warmth, sweetness again. Except that his nest is growing.

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