Le petit Germain



"... A story of mothers and grandmothers knitting under the magnolias of the family home, children who play, run, stumble, get up, whole in their world, clothing-clouds, softness, comfort and softness, caress the delicate skin of toddlers, soft gesture to accompany them in the discovery of the world, this is what the clothing LePetitGermain ... "
The Petit Germain is above all a philosophy of clothing, an experience of the senses for our children, where to discover the world is first to discover his body, and what touches him more closely: clothing.

Our collections emphasize the comfort of the garment, the softness of natural fibers, the simplicity of easy-to-live lines and a rich and intense color. Color is an important part of our children's visual landscape, and we know how sensitive they are. It therefore holds a primordial place in our collections: to offer them a rich and intense colorama is for us essential, and opens them to the richness of the multiple shades that exist.

The use of the mesh as exclusive material of creation brings an absolute comfort: extensible and durable, it follows the movements of the children by accompanying them throughout their growth. Each room is designed for the comfort of children, but also parents!

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