Leo Leo is a family brand and together we develop our designs based on play and creativity. No wrong ideas when you play, but great ambitions to make luxurious and timeless designs for children and babies. Our design philosophy is to create organic high quality products, products that can withstand life. Often designed in a color palette with the ame to give a calm and harmonised effect on their surroundings.

We are Emil and Josefine, creators of Leo Leo, life partners and parents to our two children, Leopold and Hilma. We have both shared our childhood at a Waldorf school north of Copenhagen. A creative and artistic background we proudly try to integrate in the development of our own designs.

We do everything ourselves in Leo Leo. Together we develop the designs, create the visual content and have fun working out everything from start to finish. We’ve traveled Europe in our self build veteranbus from 1963 and have decided that we as a family want to practice what we preach. We want to slow down, live with less and act consciously in our everyday lifes. Also when it comes to creating and designing new products for Leo Leo!

We believe in a future with more awareness and therefore work outside trends and changing seasons.


We strive to be sustainable in our production while focusing on developing organic quality products with a playful and functional expression in our design.

Our products are designed by us and are produced at our GOTS certified factory in India, to whom we have a good relationship. We strive to be as sustainable as possible and our first collection of soft toys is exclusively produced in 100% organic cotton.

All our textile products are produced in India under controlled, safe and fair conditions. The Global Organic Textile Standart (GOTS) is the leading textile processing standart for organic fibers, worldwide. Including ecological and social criteria  is backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain. 

We work closely with our factory in the development of our products, qualities etc. Our manufacturer are certified according to Global Organic Textile Satndart (GOTS), which means they are obligated to comply with global standarts and not to compromise on sustainability and social responsibilities. Making sure the factory workers have proper working conditions.

 play organic - sleep organic - wear organic

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