from NYC 

Something I’m aware of every day, maybe more than I’d like to be, is the presence of chemicals, toxins, and harmful substances in the foods, common objects, and personal care products that we expose ourselves to on a nearly constant basis. A little research shows how hazardous it is, not only to the human body but also our environment. I began the transition slowly by swapping water bottles for glass and gradually changed all my daily products to organic chemical-free products.

The organic revolution has also affected baby products, which have experienced an increasingly growing trend on baby registries seeking eco-friendly, organic, BPA-free (even when baby products say “BPA Free” they could still be hiding other chemicals), and “Made in the USA.”

Mindful of this, I searched endlessly for a baby gift online that met these specific requirements. I saw tons of adorable toys but I was looking for something which would suit a fashionable friend. I began trying to think outside the box and I realized I was looking for something which didn't exist... yet. And so I decided to explore the trendier side of eco baby products.

After researching safe alternatives to plastic I discovered that wood – yes, wood – is the best choice since it is non-toxic, non-allergenic, naturally antibacterial, and non-splintering! 

At first, I created baby toys and teethers based on my favorite chic accessories but I have received such amazing feedback that I have since expanded the Lexypexy line, started an LLC, and launched www.lexypexy.com.

Lexypexy teethers have been checked via laboratory testing (no animals were involved) and are in compliance with all CPSC regulations.

These days, instead of dreaming about which next pair of shoes I have to have, I’m thinking about how I can make them into a cute wood teether or toy.

With Lexypexy products I’m aiming to bring a slice of trendiness, some style, and bit less worry into your life. 

“If organic is the new black, then Lexypexy teethers are the little black dress!”

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