Little chew

As most mothers have already discovered, having a baby flips life upside down. Old habits are replaced by new routines and old routines with new habits. When we, two sisters, had our firstborns, we spent a mindful amount of time trying to carefully ease our toddlers into their new environment. However, this meant we had to hide aside our favorite jewelry, accessories and home decorations because our newborns were ready to taste everything, they could put their little hands on.

To constantly have to worry about hiding jewelry and other domestic accessories from our children proved that this was not a sustainable solution. They were still managing to find something unsuitable and potentially harmful to nibble on!

We spent hours looking for teething toy alternatives for our babies only to discover that stylish, yet chewable fashion accessories were extremely hard to find. After another day of tiresome research, our inner artist spoke to us. Instead of ordering something that resembles fashion and is suitable for toddlers to chew on, we decided to create our own vibrant, benign and functional product.

This is how we created the very first CHEW teether. It’s practicality and design little by little conquered the hearts of our friends and their friends. In this way our unique handmade products gained unimaginable attention, eventually allowing us to develop our concept into a family business.

Currently, we create handcrafted teethers, home decorations and educational toys for baby’s development. Besides our teething toy range consists of silicon infused necklaces which have been attentively designed for breastfeeding mothers. All our products are built with completely non-toxic food grade silicon and 100 % natural beech wood. Every piece of little CHEW product is handcrafted with love and care under the highest safety code that meets USA and European standards. Each product we design is one of a kind, reusable and washable.  

Our wide range of products are distinguished by their stylish aesthetic and functionality which is created with us, the mothers, in mind. The baby’s teething mouth is gently massaged by the highest-quality silicon teethers, creating a soothing motion for the little one as he calms down and gently falls asleep. The varied shapes and colors used in our unique products are blueprints of baby’s cognitive intelligence development. All of these features are great, but most importantly us, mothers, are able to be catch up on some well-deserved rest.  

Our mission is simple; to create a fashionable, safe and functional product which enriches the connection between the mother and her baby, whilst benefiting them both.  

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