Margote Jewellery A collection of delicate jewelry entirely declined around porcelain, mounted on trimmings created in a traditional French workshop and embellished with stones with different virtues according to their color. A range of bracelets, chokers, necklaces and earrings recognizable by their little neon link, this tonic comma that punctuates each jewel.

Clinging to an arm, nestled in the hollow of the neck, these fine pieces and unpublished are all poetic and beneficent messages to decline and combine with the seasons and moods. Margote Jewellery dresses the wrists of the whole family, big and small, and takes care of all.  

Margote, aka Caroline Girardon, is a French ceramic artist who has been fashioning in the Loire since 2008 a universe inspired by the whiteness of kaolin, delicate and refined like the pieces of porcelain taken out of her studio. After a nice journey dedicated to the decoration and the art of the table, she has freed herself from the classic codes of this noble land to make a fashion accessory and create Margote ceramist, a line of unique jewels, combining porcelain with traditional French trimmings. In a spirit cocoon, and the image of the messages engraved on its medals -carpe diem, serenity, harmony, eternity ... -, Caroline combines the accessory with the good intention