Mies and co baby


"Sometimes there are moments in life that turn out to be decisive afterwards. For me, this was the moment my daughter became seriously ill as a newborn baby.

That moment changed my vision on life.

It told us a lot about unconditional love, bought this part of our life brought me also something else. I looked different towards taking risks. For me it meant that I dared to start my own business.

 In the four months we spend in hospital, I missed a beautiful and comfortable environment where it felt like home, for her but and also for myself. What I missed back then, we now design for you with our label Mies & Co.

Mies & Co believes that it’s important that you can stay true to your stylish self when you become a mom.

 We create lifestyle products with the philosophy that when moms feels comfortable, her baby will too.

 Our items are sophisticated and elegant, yet sweet and with character."

 Ester – founder & mama