Play Up is a clothing brand for babies and children from 0 up to 14 years old, with entirely portuguese design and manufacture. We are passionate about everything related to childhood and the growth process. Each collection we launch is the product of our greatest dedication. We thoroughly study the functionality and design of each piece, search for the best materials and we personally accompany all stages of production.

We are proud of our origins: we grew up in a family from the North of Portugal with a long tradition in the textile sector and we have inherited all the knowledge and experience of our mentors over the past three decades.
This is how Play Up came about, from the genuine desire to print our vision and our inspirations in unique creations that reveal who we are.

Embracing Slow Making- Chapter IV Woodwork

Woodwork is the art that we chose to address in the IV chapter of the Embracing Slow Making series. Wood is a timeless material. If, on one hand, it is extremely common, it can be equally endowed with an incredible individuality: the play between colours, textures and veins, which arise with the work on each piece of wood, is unique and special.
Ricardo Jerónimo is our invited artist, inspiring us through the techniques and motifs related to his artistic practice – Rival.

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