Studio bohème

The new COSY WEAR brand in 100% organic cotton dedicated to babies from 0 to 36 months old. Stylish clothes "as comfortable as pajamas". Around a cult piece, the BODY BÉBÉ, STUDIO BOHEME PARIS publishes an ideal and eco-friendly cloakroom that revolves around three major criteria:
quality, comfort and practicality.

 "Pregnant Olympus, my eldest daughter, I remember buying lots of pretty 1-month-old t-shirts ... that I never put her in. Because babies do not dress like us. do not wear t-shirts like us, they put on BODIES, every day, summer and winter, from birth to about 2 1/2 years old.

The body is the centerpiece of their wardrobe.
It allows to maintain the layer, not to have the belly or the back to the air, and acts of shirt of body.

In general, the body looks like an undergarment on which a blouse or shirt is superimposed. But the sleeves of the body go up, the baby feels engorged and annoyed. It was by looking for bodies that do not do too much "underwear" that I realized that there was a restricted and rather traditional choice of "dressed" bodies: blue and pointed collar for boys, pink and ruffles for girls ...

That's how I wanted to reinvent the BODY and make it a cozy, stylish piece to wear. Like a nice t-shirt that we would buy for ourselves. " 

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