Pole pole” means slowly, little by little, in Swahili. The Japanese manufacturer T-Lab has the heart to convey the artisanal work of wood. The original design, while round and smooth, makes these animals very endearing.Cut, carved, finely sanded and finally hand painted, each piece is somewhat different and quite unique! Only skilled and meticulous artisans can achieve an almost identical result from one animal to another.T-Lab preserves the forests of Albizia Falcata which have a very rapidnatural growth, committing to replanting the trees that serve itsproduction. It has no chemical or pollutant treatment in the wood or in the paint used.

T-Lab makes original design hand-made wooden products from selected natural materials.  Their collection of Polepole wooden animals are designed and created in Japan, and hand-crafted in Indonesia.  Each Polepole animal is skillfully carved by hand out of an incredibly soft, light sustainable wood called albizia, grown on T-Lab's own farms in Indonesia.  The wood is then carefully sanded to create a super smooth surface and finally hand painted and finished in Japan with the sweetest expressions and patterns.  

Polepole is pronounced 'poh-leh poh-leh' and translates as 'slowly slowly' in Swahili, referring to the careful hand-carved process used to craft each animal.  Each animal is unique and has its own charm and character as it is completely hand-made.

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