The Simple Folk


Sustainable, practical, timeless pieces that support wild-hearted play, further ethical production standards, and are healthy and toxin-free for our little ones and our planet. Always. 

Minimal is magical.
We believe that each child has innate wisdom and magic within them, and that their imagination soars on a blank canvas. This is why we’re devoted to minimalist, high-comfort play clothes that allow space for their journey of self-discovery to evolve organically and authentically.


Play is where it all unfolds.

Play is the language of childhood, and provides a path for self awareness, communication, building personal connections, community, and a direct route to feeling abundant, wild-hearted joy. Our clothing is designed to support movement, adventure, and comfortable play above all else.

Nature knows best.

Our children are wondrous gifts from nature. As such, we are fierce protectors of their personal environment and the planet’s environment as a whole. That’s why we create timeless heirloom pieces that can be worn for years, minimizing waste and prioritizing health.


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