Xmas 0-6 months

Why not hijack the usual Christmas gift codes for our little babies, their D-Day consciousness not yet fully awake, let's prioritize their well-being, their comfort, and choose small natural, soft objects on which they can brush their teeth gently, or very cute cozy leather or knit slippers, incredible blankets in which parents will love to wrap them, or why not gently place under the tree, a little organic soap that smells good, or her first perfume and face lotion? You can also opt for a wooden decoration that you will put as decoration in his bedroom.

Music box, baby's first book, bath toys, organic blankets, baby room decoration, rattles, teddy, dolls, wooden toys, stacking Towers, garlands, pram chain, baby skincares, baby leather slippers, swaddles, sippy cup , baby bottles, dummies, rocking Toys, Tablewares, Beanies...

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